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J&L Green Tomato and Ginger Chutney

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Invaluable for salvaging unripened tomatoes, cleverly spiced with Buderim Ginger Glacè Ginger or Naked Ginger. This chutney is delicious and designed to enhance many a savoury dish, with its piquant and spicy flavour.
Prep Time: 
30 mins
Cook Time: 
80 mins
1 litre
2kg unripe green tomatoes, finely slice
250g brown onions, finely chopped
50g Buderim Ginger Glacé Ginger, including a little of the syrup OR Buderim Ginger Naked Ginger, finely chopped
60g seeded raisins
90g sultanas
1 1/2 cups lightly packed light brown sugar
750mL white vinegar
2 teaspoons whole black peppercorns
2 teaspoons white coriander seeds
6 whole cloves
2 dried chillies
  1. In a 3 litre capacity saucepan add tomatoes, onions, ginger, raisins, sultanas, sugar and vinegar.
  2. Place herbs and spices in a square of muslin [or similar-style material], draw-up and tie securely creating a small bag. Add to tomato mixture.
  3. Bring gently to boil, stirring occasionally, reduce heat to a simmer and simmer gently, uncovered stirring occasionally for 1 hour or until thick.
  4. Meanwhile: sterilise jars and closures.
  5. Remove spice and herb bag and discard.
  6. Carefully fill hot sterilised jars and seal. When cooled remember to label and date.
Helpful Notes: 

Delicious eaten straight away, however, the flavours mellow if stored in a dark, dry cupboard for up to one (1) month.

Delicious with cold meats, hot or cold pickled meats, pork pies or similar and cheese.

This recipe can be doubled, the cooking time increases to 1½ to 1 1/3 hours about. The chutney is not quite as thick, but equally delicious. Makes 2.25 litres, about.

A standard Australian Metric 250mL cup & 20mL tablespoon measuring sets are used

The New Zealand Metric tablespoon measure = 15mL or 3 teaspoons