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Roasted Carrot and Ginger Soup

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A traditional-style soup rich in natural favour, and will become a firm favourite in your quick and easy soup repertoire. Although not commonly used carrots green feathery tops, can be used as an herb to season soups or casseroles as they are not as pungent as parsley.
Prep Time: 
10-15 mins
Cook Time: 
30 mins
600mL - serves 2
300g Dutch or regular carrots, roughly chopped
2 French shallots, roughly chopped OR 1 medium-sized brown onions, roughly chopped
20g butter
1 tablespoon olive oil
1/2 teaspoon ground cumin
2 pieces Buderim Ginger Naked Ginger, roughly chopped
500mL vegetable or chicken stock
Greek-style yoghurt
carrot feathery tops, finely chopped OR
torn coriander leaves OR
chopped toasted hazelnuts
  1. Gently fry carrot and onions in butter and oil for 5 minutes or until vegetable just start to lightly brown around edges.
  2. Add cumin and cook for 1 minute, stirring constantly.
  3. Add Naked Ginger, stock, and seasonings. Bring to boil, then simmer uncovered for about 20 minutes until vegetables are very soft.
  4. Using a stick blender or food processor, blitz until smooth. Adjust seasoning if necessary.

Ladle into warmed bowls or mugs and garnish with a spoonful yoghurt and finely chopped carrot feather tops, torn coriander leaves or chopped toasted hazelnuts.

Accompanied with fresh crusty bread or lightly toasted ciabatta, baguette or focaccia, lightly sprinkled with virgin olive oil and rubbed with fresh cut tomato half or garlic.

Helpful Notes: 

A standard Australian Metric 250ml cup & 20mL tablespoon measuring sets are used

New Zealand Metric tablespoon measure  = 15mL or 3 teaspoons